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Elane Pregio Accordion Piano

The ELANE PREGIO is now ready for sale. 41 keys - 4 Voices - 120 Bass. It comes in 3 Variations:

a) no cassotto - Cagnoni reeds

Elane Pregio 41 Keys 120 Bass Accordion

b) with casotto - Cagnoni reeds
Elane Pregio Casotto

c) with casotto - A mano Cagnoni reeds

It is a China assembled accordion with Italian reeds. The accordion is of the highest quality and built under my supervision. I find no difference between a European wooden box construction and a Chinese wooden box construction, both covered by Chinese celluloid.

This accordion is affordable for students and orchestra players. It fills the gap between used junk and the very expensive famous brand professional accordions. With this accordion students and hobby players will find the solution of having an accordion with excellent sound at a budget price - and when you really know how to play - I will take it back for 10% additional discount of our already super low prices on the purchase of high class Italian accordion from us within 3 years. This means the ELANE PREGIO accordion will be basically no cost to you and you can play a good accordion and save for the ultimate professional accordion.

More details and prices coming on our website in the next few days. We sell direct from China on-line, we also welcome dealer inquiries.

Pregio is a registered Trademark in China (2014) by Scaletech Co. Ltd.